Serious 3.0 april fools suggestion



fishing rod cosmetics

zero kelvin fishing rod gives fish that needs to be cooked twice. :thinking:

suggest your own :^)


Grizzly does 1 damage and maplestrike has uncontrollable recoil.


sentries have infinite range and pinpoint accuracy and can hold a hell’s fury, vehicle cosmetics, rainbow hatchback spawns naturally, alicepack has 1000 slots, makeshift armor protects 100%, makeshift rifles have same stats as grizzly.


y e s

I like this. keep em coming.



all zombies are ghost zombies


Wouldn’t the Hell’s Fury still be in there after the April Fool’s Day update is over?


All zombies have no navmesh, like 2.0


Crossbow shoots actual crosses and instantly petrifies zombies into statues before dissolving.


No third person


They would, which would be mildly terrifying, but it wouldn’t work unless Nelson makes it so the minigun action is compatible with robotic turrets.

Everyone would join when they heard that turrets can hold the Hell’s Fury, only to then ultimately be disappointed by how it’d do literally nothing.


Yes, this is good. I like this.




the anomaly should be added again, but nelson doesn’t mention it in the update notes


Zubeknakov and Maplestrike that are melee weapons and attack using the shoulder stock instead of firing.


escape game mode


being able to squat with black Adidas tracksuit and thug life sunglasses and driving a lada with hardbass


april fools should have a false announcement about an open beta for UII, which then just links to this video


Imagine if nobody finds it so it ends up being the most anticlimatic April fools joke ever.:laughing:

Ok,jokes aside that would be nice for halloween imo.


zombies that can hold guns and shoot