Server Browser Overhaul

I’ve been talking with my friend about new player experience in Unturned and one thing that immediately comes to mind is the server browser and how confusing and cumbersome to use it is.

I’ve created a “concept” image (bear with it please) that simplifies the server browser:

The main ideas are:

  • reduction of silly buttons that you need to click multiple times to get a result you want,
    mainly through introduction of ‘Vanilla’ and ‘Modded’ categories to search servers in, acting similarly to current filters. Vanilla servers would be servers without any plugins/mods and running any of the Official or Curated maps,
  • improved readability by removing empty spaces and introduction of icons and map pictures, additionally some of the text boxes are bigger (the search function could also use some improvement e.g. searching for ‘A6’ won’t bring up the ‘A6 Polaris’ map servers),
  • ability to cancel the server search (in the bottom right), additionally the spinny arrows next to ‘Vanilla’ button in this image would ideally spin to indicate that the server browser is indeed still searching servers. If you were looking ‘Modded’ Servers the spinny icon would be next to it,
  • remove matchmaking and lobby buttons, concept below.


Additionaly the tutorial button is moved down to not be as easily clickable.

I’m interested to hear everyone’s thoughts on this because I’ve heard the topic of server browser mentioned. Please excuse the crude execution of this concept image and provide feedback of yours.


this but also an advanced search option that has even more options to narrow servers down then what currently exists

also maybe a way to insensitive gold with this? like gold servers biasing to the top? though idk if that would be a bad idea or not

(also to Nelson, please add autosave to vanilla server client if you are reading this, so many servers solely have plugins because there is no autosave :pray: )


Personally don’t think Gold servers should be a thing, it’s just a weird way of separating the player-base for no reason. Can’t see any good reason to have one.

Only way I can see matchmaking being useful is if it also has a better filtering system to the current one.


Unfathomably based. Also, “Servers” need to be renamed to “Multiplayer” (and a new icon). That way it’s less confusing.


True, and maybe change the icon from a plug (???) to like 3x people (like the one on singleplayer but give him some friends)


Yes! That was my thought aswell!


Quite reasonable suggestions.

Part of the intention with Gold servers was that they provide additional friction against cheaters, in that a free-to-play cheater cannot join a server with the Gold requirement.

One note: if map icons are used on the server list screen there would likely be a lot of empty slots from maps the client doesn’t have installed. e.g., even a modified version of PEI.


Possibly there could be a replacement map image for when you don’t have the map installed yet? I do think that map images just make it look much more user friendly.

Separating full Vanilla from modded would actually be huge for the vanilla scene.

Maybe a bit off topic but I would also like to mention how confusing the “Cheats Enabled/Disabled” is to pretty much everyone but server owners - at least the newer players. People just set it to disabled thinking its some sort of anti-cheat.


lock free drops behind gold


Nelson about to become a billionaire


Currently the gold servers don’t seem to be very popular (there’s a total of two servers), perhaps if they were highlighted on the server list with a golden frame or something of that sort where they stick out to the player that would make more sense, closing them behind their own category is probably playing a part in them falling off in popularity.


The last time I’ve heard of a gold server was like when Robokast was hosting a Semi-RP server.

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I don’t think it’s wise to add a ping display to the server page. I think I can use “whether to add mods or plugins” or “whether to enable pvp”

Sorry for my lang but What the fuck i use matchmaking/lobby

My Ideas are as follows

  • Change “I mean Rename Lobby” Lobby to Join with Friends.
  • Change Cheats to Cmds short for commands.
  • update the tutorial add anything that is missing. Sorry I know this is off topic
  • add a better search bar.
  • make it so we can customize the main menu background.
  • if I think of anymore ill updated this post Etc.

Just to realize your ‘vision’ a bit more and adjust on a couple of things:-

1- There is still a lot of wasted space in the middle that can be used for other things like displaying player perspective, PvP, Anti-Cheats.

2- The current perspective symbols are too massive and should be a bit smaller (alongside any other symbols to take up space)

3- PvP and PvE settings should always force one or the other on so that servers actually appear in search as opposed to a check-mark or toggle which can both be turned off.

4- Since most curated maps and most workshop maps don’t have CS style logos or have inaccessible icons, a fallback can be created of a generic blueprint pattern.

This generally goes hand in hand with what I’ve been saying for months/years; the game needs a UI overhaul. There is so much wasted space, yet everything feels crowded.

Edit: Forgot to include the ‘map logos’ I hastily made. The general idea for them is there but some of them could be improved.

P.E.I. Logo

Yukon Logo

Washington Logo

Russia Logo

Germany Logo


This looks sick, well done!


It would still be nice to have some of the more detailed/advanced server filters though, so a dropdown or separate space for that would be nice. Especially when it comes to slot availability and anti-cheat settings.

add a setting to filter out servers you are banned in as well (and icon that indicates that you are banned on that server for when you don’t filter them out)

CS-styled logos look amazing.