Server Config to Disable Building in Zombie Navmesh

The Problem
I don’t know about other people but one thing that has always irked me about newer curated maps is the fact that building is disabled in so many areas. Sure, it’s good for servers but sucks for singleplayer or playing on a private server with friends, since being able to make a base in an abandoned building in a city is always cool and apocalypsecore.

The Solution
I think the best solution to this would be to simply add a server config option letting server owners disable building in zombie navmeshes. This would (if maps were changed to reflect it) let people in singleplayer and private servers build wherever they want with it enabled, and server owners could disable building in cities. Plus it wouldn’t require much additional work for mapmakers, since the zombie navmeshes are already defined. And additionally it would let server owners disable it on vanilla maps, preventing locations from being blocked off, ideal for PvP and PvE servers alike.

What are your thoughts? I know this is easier said than done but I think it would be pretty nice, and not too big of a change.


Agreed, no-builds are essential for preventing abuse on MP but really suck when it comes to PvE, RP or SP (Ive seen quite a few posts where people are confused as to why they cant place stuff on their car in elver, while being in the main cities no-build area)

One idea I had a while ago was a server option to simply toggle pre-existing no-builds. This would be the best of both worlds as itd still allow mapmakers more precision in defining no-build areas (when compared to a navmesh) while still allowing people to turn it off.


Agreed, allowing an option for navmeshes as well could still be useful for vanilla maps and such though.

I suppose having no build zones be still present does have a purpose for areas with no zombies that are still important like cave entrances, quest areas, etc.


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