Server CRASH After new update

[Exception] Rocket.Unturned >> Exception in m__9: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
at Rocket.Unturned.Player.UnturnedPlayer.get_IsAdmin () [0x00000] in <7270128d00524688a0793f5e4981226f>:0
at Tortellio.SkinRestriction.SkinRestriction.OnPlayerConnect (Steamworks.CSteamID Player, System.Nullable`1[SDG.Unturned.ESteamRejection]& Rej) [0x00047] in :0
at Rocket.Unturned.Permissions.UnturnedPermissions.CheckValid (Steamworks.ValidateAuthTicketResponse_t r) [0x001f8] in <7270128d00524688a0793f5e4981226f>:0

After the Update
The server crash and i just recieve this error, Help @SDGNelson

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