Server creates errors and didn't starts on startup

When i’m starting the server, it starts to lag and in the log file there are hundreds of this errors:

NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object
SDG.Unturned.Provider.listenClient (Int32 channel)
SDG.Unturned.Provider.listen ()
SDG.Unturned.Provider.Update ()

Did you make a custom object for the map?

There is the standard map pei

I think the server can’t bind the port, but how can i fix it?

What’s the port and what’s your Commands.dat?

port: 27015 and is opened in the firewall

name German City Roleplay
map Altis
mode normal
password Kevtech
camera vehicle
cycle 3600
maxplayers 16
queue 4
timeout 250
welcome Wilkommen auf GermanCityRoleplay!
perspective both