Server dont display

Hello, im part is a hosting website… btw since the last 3 updates of unturned we got a problem… our clients are saying that they’re server isnt displayed on “Internet” at server list in Unturned… and we seen that it depends on the slots… im giveing a example… i make a server with 16 slots, it’s going to be displayed on “Internet” then i change it to 24 slots and is not going to be displayed… can someone help us…? You can join that 24 slots only with the IP or if u have it on Favorite… oh and visit our website or even buy a server :))

I can’t remember what the number cap is (I believe its 24, so odd that there’s a problem), but I do know that if your player count is past that soft cap it won’t be displayed on the server browser because it is considered “unstable”. Try lowering the cap incrementally until you find a player cap that works.

well they said they put it at 24 and it wouldnt work

(I believe its 24, so odd that there’s a problem)

I addressed that. My suggestion was to just see if any numbers over 16 but under 24 would work.

ahh okay, sorry didnt see that XD

What do u mean with " cap"?

the max amount