Server Hosting For Mac

Was support for server hosting for Mac completely dropped? I’ve been looking everywhere for any guides to host a server using MacOS, but all that I’ve been finding are old guides that don’t work anymore. Is there still a way to host a server through a Mac and I can’t find it or has support been dropped?

The dedicated server is not available under Mac OS so it does seem like support was dropped.
Bedt workaround would probably be Wine and then the dedi, but I am not too sure if that plays nicely with port forwarding.

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Did you mean Wine? If so that’s definitely a bummer, I’d hate to do that just to run a server, thanks anyways!

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I tried helping someone in Unturned Official with that one day, I don’t think Mac users can even run a server with the regular Unturned files. I wonder why there isn’t support for it though.

Yeah, Wine, my bad. The dedi does not run under Mac OS.

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