Server Hosting : Lost connection to Host or Steam Network

I’ve seen quite a handfull of people with this problem, and none of the proposed solutions work. Whenever I, or a friend attempts to connect to my unturned server, the error “lost connection to Host or Steam network” appears. My port forwarding is fine, my firewall is fine; i’ve allowed both UDP and TCP inbound and outbound ports. The only way I can join the server is through connnecting LAN. I’ve hosted many servers for Unturned in the past, before you had to use the official tool on Steam, and they’ve all worked fine. Since getting back into server hosting, and using the official tool, it hasn’t worked whatsoever. I just want to play with some buds, any potential solutions?

If you can join it LAN then it is not the server process, though your firewall may block the server process from using the desired port.
You need to port forward in the firewalls both in the computer and router,
when you forward in the computer, which usually will allow everyone in the same router to connect, you can use your local ip to check if that works.
But you also need to forward in your router, so-called WAN, if you want others to join from the outside.
You can check if that works by then by using your global IP (usually).
There’s also the possibility of ISP blocking ports, but that is uncommon nowadays.

UDP/TCP with ports 27014:27017 if you want to be 100% sure it should work, I forgot the exact port numbers, perhaps 27015:27016 would be enough.

If you try to use connect button, and connect, do you get “Failed to find server.”?

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So I got it to work, I had my port forwarding set up just fine in my firewall and router previously, but the key was to set a range of ports. Instead of using only 27015 in my router, I used ports 27014-27017 as you recommended. Idk why this worked, but it did lol. Thank you for the help!

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