Server instantly crashes



Started up my old servers for the first time in a while (after updating the files), and it instantly crashes.

Here’s the script it’s running (I don’t think this is affecting it because the same thing happened when I used the shortcut to Unturned.exe instead):

ECHO [%time%] Unturned started.
Unturned.exe -logFile “Servers%INSTANCENAME%\Rocket\Unturned.log” -nographics -batchmode -silent-crashes +secureserver/%INSTANCENAME%
ECHO [%time%] WARNING: Unturned closed or crashed, restarting.
ping -n 1 -w 3000 >nul
GOTO unturned

The files that the error message refers to:


Please upload your crash logs.


Where would this log be located?


Usually it generates a special crash folder inside the Unturned folder.
If its not there, remove “-silent-crashes” option from your .bat and also post your Servers\server\Rocket\Unturned.log file as well please.


I removed -silent-crashes and it is still not generating either of those files.


Can you replace -logFile “Servers%INSTANCENAME%\Rocket\Unturned.log” with -logfile “Servers\%INSTANCENAME%\Rocket\Unturned.log” (notice the lowercase -logfile and the additional \)?

This should generate it, hopefully.


This forum replaces normal quotes with some other type of them. You should use the normal quotes by inserting them manually.


It still won’t generate any of those
It repeats trying to start up until it crashes every time


Did check if its using the correct quotes character?


I didn’t change any of the quotes, just fixed the / and the logfile


Can you post your full startup script to


Also, do you have any workshop mods installed?


No mods,
I’m using another batch file to start start.bat,
it has in it

start.bat Russia


Can you try starting a fresh server with a command like this?

start Unturned.exe -nographics -batchmode -logfile game.log +secureserver/testserver

Does this generate any “game.log” inside the Unturned folder?


I put that in a batch file right next to Unturned.exe and it started up like a normal server would. It created game.txt


In that case I think the issue was either the bat you used or your previous server configuration.


Do you know of a script I could still use so that the server will start back up if it crashes or shuts down?

ECHO [%time%] Unturned started.
Unturned.exe -nographics -batchmode -logfile game.log +secureserver/myserver
ECHO [%time%] WARNING: Unturned closed or crashed, restarting.
ping -n 1 -w 3000 >nul
GOTO unturned

You could use something like this. Just replace “myserver” with your server instance.


Thank you. Is there a way to remove the terminate batch job prompt after the server closes?


My batch knowledge is limited. I just based this off of the script you provided.
Also maybe remove the “-logfile game.log” part again as this will likely cause issues when you run multiple instances from the same Unturned folder at the same time.