[Server issue]Can not connect/get ip of server

It’s been a year since last time i runs a server up. so i have no idea what happened

when i type in “debug” into console i can not get the server IP and port even i already set it up in Command.dat. even i tried to connect server through the IP and port i set in the game, its still not working

i’ve checked the firewall and set the port range right, also tried to re-install the game on the server but still can’t figure out why this happened

also i did tried to use Fake IP and Server Code, they works fine as usual and can be connected

is getting ip from debug command a removed feature or there’s something else goes wrong?Please help :frowning:

I’m confused, is this all stemming from the fact that you cannot figure out your public IP address?
Because if so you literally just look it up in your browser.

it works now, i changed port from 39075 to 27000(the setup are the same)somehow it managed to work. but thanks for replying : D

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