Server spawn configuration

I don’t mean like the spawning of items in general I mean maybe but have an option where you can choose rather than just have a plug-in. This would prove useful for Modded items, vehicles, etc. This would mean that you could choose whether some vanilla stuff spawns and others things. Let’s say you found a better looking vanilla mod and you install it, instead of have both in there, there should be category’s for and people who want specific should be able to disable those they don’t want so that’s it does not get annoying finding vanilla weapon so with other mod weapons this can also be done with vehicles.

I’ve read this 3 times over and I still have no idea at what your trying to get at, do you mean like changing the values of Vanilla vs. Modded content? Just use a damn plug-in.


No so there’s should be an option that lets you enable and disable certain items from certain category of vanilla items and modded items. So that when the loot respawns happen there is not a plug-in that replaces them somehow

There’s no point to this, there will be a plug-in that will accomplish this, there’s no point for Nelson to add something like this.

Oh and please, work on your English, it’s hard to understand what you’re even saying,

This makes no sense, I would rewrite it, but I have no idea what you’re getting at.

It’s excusable if you’re not from an English speaking country, but you say you’re from the US.


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