Server Suggestion: Warhammer 40k

Why have none of us gotten on this yet, this is gold waiting to happen, Unturned would be perfect for a 40k server. We have the tools for the job! 40k RP would be peak. Especially if we have the tools for the task of making such a heavenly creation.

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They exists, or factions on RP servers and/or custom mods do.
Most of the people I met using those mods have little understanding of the actual WH40K universe or lore but who knows, maybe they’ll like it and actually read some of it.


Hence why we should drag the people involved into Warhammer 40k lore so they do understand it. Make them live and breathe the lore.

Make 'em fight giant orcs in a waaagh who regen health on every kill.

Let them play as an Imperial Guardsmen that gets wiped. Let space marines be exclusive, let the scions be scions, I need some badasses in town that aren’t don’t match the year in kilos

Lol, lmao even. Most of the people here would get gatekept and filtered for good reason.

I’d have to check but I assume the 40K faction on that RP server is still alive, would need to hop on a alt to do that tho.

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40k has hit a chapter of sorts in most communities which has been successful, all though underground. Filtering is inevitable but it’ll still be fun to have. Unturned is p much the only exception, people keep laying the groundwork when they can by contributing mods but no one has lit the mound of sparks worthy of lighting up Imperium Nihilus.

What is that supposed to mean?

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When it comes to games with large themed roleplay spaces i.e Arma, Squad, Gmod and the like, there is always a small but active RP space, altho I heard the Gmod sections have been declining in popularity as the game declines alongside it.

Somewhat related; This dude called Krezen keeps telling me to end myself, is this one of Unturned’s more popular devs? Was thinking of approaching them with this topic to see if they’d be willing to work but uh they might not be chill. Feedback needed if their skills are worth bringing on in spite of that.

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