Server Transporting

So this is not a mode or a 3th person thing so how it work is that people start going to other server while there in the server how there escape the map like how 2rgame did it but different. The game asks you what server you want to go to and your there with your stuff and it not a joke it real like have this in the game now.

You can already do this.

You didn’t get the terribly explained message he was trying to convey…

What he meant was basically being able to travel between ‘maps’(can be same map however) except with servers.

For eg, -you’re in a plane with a lot of gear on Server A which is hosting the map X
-you fly through the border
-you enter Server B which is hosting the map Y, you keep your loot,plane etc.

My take on this: This is a very tough job to be done by Nelson, a REALLY tough one. Not to mention most servers couldn’t even do this as it just fry their mainframes, it requires a really beefy system for both, the server hosters and the players with cpus from 2000 that play on them.

Imo, Lets not. However, map travel could be a feature in singleplayer/LAN maybe?

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Ah. Then I’mma just +1 your post then. I think the current methods of transferring player inventories is fine enough.