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I wanted to create a server in Unturned, now I have a question, how to create an ego, some kind of token appeared, what to do with someone, nothing at all, I don’t understand

A what now?

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Maybe I misunderstood, but I think your question got lost in translation. Could you please reword your question?

Are you asking about GSLT tokens? Some sort of error?

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When I created a server through a dedicated server, at the output I saw a red inscription on the screen that I need some kind of token and an account, bind it, I don’t know what to do with it and how to make a server token (a token so that the server is open to everyone )

It sounds like you haven’t added a GSLT token to your server.

You can manually create GSLTs while logged in with your Steam account here: Steam Community :: Steam Game Server Account Management. Use Unturned’s app ID 304930, and a memo to remind you which server the token is for.

The GSLT can be set in one of two places depending on your preference:

  • With the Login_Token property in each server’s Config.json file under the Browser section.


  • Using the GSLT command during startup. This can be specified in the Commands.dat file or on the command-line.

Link to official documentation on server hosting:

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