Server was not authorized by the creators of 1 workshop item(s) to use their content

Hello, I have uploaded mods to my server, 1 of them does not allow access due to restrictions set by the mod owner.

How do I find out which mod does not give access

836.5 KB folder on MEGA - logs my server

Are other players able to join the server? If so, try disabling or uninstalling all of the mods you’re currently subscribed to (either from the Steam Workshop, or from the in-game mod list + relaunching), and then attempting to join again.

What host are you using?

OP never responded, but I’ll post this for others. If you’re hosting the server yourself, the error for this is logged in the dedicated server log file. For instructions, see: “Where are the dedicated server log files?

In the server log, the message looks like this:

[2023-04-04 17:35:49] This server's allowed IP for Workshop downloads: Allowed.IP.Address.Here
[2023-04-04 17:35:49] Error k_EResultAccessDenied querying workshop file WorkshopFileIdHere ''

In the server console, that message (and the surrounding messages) will look like this:

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