Ok Server are good you get people that are nice and you get the point.Now some of these server always wants the player to have fun now i have a problem with server that i have to port forward i don’t want it to be bought by a host and morality if you mess up it bad.Why idk maybe your not good at it maybe you are bad at port forwarded or you just don’t want to buy a server what can we do.We need a way to get a port forwarded server and help make this easy why do we need to buy a server or port forwarded it.Why can’t we just have it port forwarded why i mean lan server are always port forwarded how well it connected to your network you have we need to have a Server that can be port forwarded because it complicated to get a server port forwarded we do have hamchi or evolve that can help with lan server so you can connect with friend that no fun you want player to have fun what are you going to do.Nothing well idk again someone comment down how can i and other make a server without hamchi or evolve or any program without port forwarded and with out buying how please spared you knowledge on us we need to know how can we get a port forwarded with out doing the port forwarded or buying it for a host how to do that.

Heart’s in the right place, but it’s not difficult to port forward. At worst it should only take about five minutes.

False. LAN servers are not port forwarded, hence why they’re LAN servers and not dedicated servers.

You can’t. Fortunately, it’s not hard at all and there’s a ton of guides on stuff like that.

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Ok that Lan server question is true tho.

Not really. A LAN server only functions off of your network, and VPNs (such as Hamachi) are pretty distinct from port forwarding. In either case, both are also just listen servers and not dedicated servers.

Peer-to-peer could be a possibility for Unturned 4.x (or far down Unturned 3’s development), but you’d still be better off port forwarding instead.

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