Share your best unturned story

I don’t care if it’s your best raid, most fun you just had with your buds, when some funny shit went down, or what, whatever sticks out to you as “That one Unturned thing i’ll never forget” Go ahead and share it!

I have a couple, namely hanging out with some people that frequent this forum ingame, Like some time i spent with P9nda wrecking a huge Washington water base just comes as the first thing in my head, admins even reverted the server to save their base.

There’s more i have, but they’re not coming to mind as i never really hang out in groups larger than 3 if i’m in a group at all, so a lot of solo moments of kickassery in vanilla servers that i don’t feel like naming off as it would over encumbered this post with my own stuff.

Edit; found those videos with p9nda


I have a few good ones.
you know when you meet an absolute try-hard who will jump out of a jet mid flight to kill a naked.
well creative “rp” servers are full of them, and on one they had no vehicle damage. so i got into a skycrain and basically flew right next to/ above them and watched them as they go through 10 grizzly mags trying to kill me. i had glass on the only opening as-well.


@Spebby and I decided to go on a France server when the map was relatively new since neither of us had actually played Unturned in a very long time, it was mostly just modelling and mapping. So anyways, we got out basic gear going when we encountered a three or four person group with similar setups. We ended up in a 1:2 melee fight when maybe a quarter of the way in this guy walks into the middle and starts singing with the voice of an angel. After dispatching the entire group, except for the singing man, he says to us “Thanks for killing those guys. They were annoying as fuck!” in the smoothest voice I have ever heard. He then goes on and wishes us good luck on our adventure. It had to be the most bizarre yet effective survival tactic I have ever encountered and by the great sandal of Zeus, I need to meet this man again.


I made a invisible glitch and 2 under the map glitches that where pure vanilla in one day. Good times.

went onto a creative rp server
rp’ed in hospital
huge lag spike
realized there was thousands of blimps outside

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Most of my experiences are singleplayer,but the one that I still remember to this day,is when I was looting in the military base in Washington at dusk,while it was raining,on a full moon.I had the fps killer called puddles on,so I was running at 25 fps but the game looked soooo freaking good and immersive! but terrifying at the same time seeing the red eyes of the zombies in the mist. (Aaaaand I didn’t take a screenshot,because I didn’t know how at the time,go me. >-<)

It’s not anything unique or something I should be proud of,but I don’t think this picture will ever leave my mind.

I only play singleplayer; my greatest stories are my bases.
Unless you like hearing about somebody watching over Olympia with a grizzly, camping out in a secluded 1x1 made of pine. That was the last time I played vanilla PvP, there were no good servers I wanted to dedicate my time to after that.
And I never raided a base.
I am a very interesting person. /s

I accidentally deleted this base, so here’s what it looks like now:

The lone foundation in this picture is intended to be a start of a house of similar nature to that of the one in Yukon I’ve made.

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My best Unturned survival story besides the one Frog mentioned earlier are these.

Me, @Froggo, @Polar and a few others decided it would be fun to join a Washington server. The catch was that we were all called “Doug Soderstrom” and were all black and bald and running around with khakis and the Beta T-Shirt. Anyways, we were dominating Seatle, very few could stand in our way, we were like a 6 person group. Anyways we encounter this guy and he was also called “Doug Soderstrom” and he wasn’t in our group, so after laughing for about 30 minutes we were able to get him into the VC and we continue to play with him.

Another story involving the Dougs. We were on Hawaii this time, same server chain. I spawned right my Alika so everyone TP’ed to me, and we headed up. The first thing we find is an APC. By the time we left the Base, we had a Heli and an APC along with guns and Gasmasks for everyone. We headed up to Mauna Kea and we end up finding a Dragonfang and a Grizzly. We headed down to Haiku Stairs and set up shop in the caves, we ended up being the rulers of the Server.
We then ran into a pair of kids from Central America. We killed them in seconds, and they popped right back up, kept talking in Spanish and accusing us of Hacking and being rather unpleasant, calling us Asshole and some racial slurs in Spanish. (Witch for some reason was against the server rules) I went from 0 rep to -200 by the time they rage quit. They also tried to leak our base cords, but they couldn’t tell Mauna Kea from Haiku Stairs, so they ended up saying we were under “Kauna Kea”.
They both had Nightraiders and we were able to get Nightraiders for the gang, we ended up finding more of them later though. Oh and since we had Nightraiders they were pretty much unable to touch us, and they resorted to using Kits to try to kill us. Their argument for saying we were hackers was that we were killing them when they were running at us with Vipers and Hawkhounds when we had Nightriders.
Later on, we got fucking destroyed however, this two-man group were chasing us with a Hind, we were in an APC so we didn’t really stand a chance. However, we were able to stay alive for so fucking long. We had spare gas on us so if we ran out we would just refill. And everyone had blowtorches. They ended up running out of HMG boxes, so in order to take us down they would have to land, and whenever they landed we would just take off in the APC. Eventually, @Froggo fliped the APC and they were able to blow it up. Some of the other OP players on the server took pity, got us back to where we died and compensated us. What neato people.


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