Shitty Pixel Art

So I’ve recently been dabbling a bit in pixel art. And suffice to say, this isn’t good by any means of the imagination. In fact, the lettering is so shitty that I’m not even sure I know what it says.

That being said though, most of you will recognize what I’ve made instantly. If you don’t want to stir up some bad memories, I advise you turn back now.

Are you sure you want this?
You don't want this, turn back now while you still can.
I warned you.
This is what you wanted, don't blame me.
Alright, I present to you:
"A Waterfall of Corn Syrup and Bad Memories"

pixil-frame-0 (3)

I told you it was bad, didn’t I?




The inconspicuous white pixel…


The white pixel caught my eye and my OCD kicked in, fuck.

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The white pixel on the left of the can that’s slightly off the can is pissing me off

Ok, I don’t think I understand. Is it the white pixel? If so, was I the only one who wasn’t bothered?

is this just fishing for compliments?

well damn, I’ve got to get drawing a coffee cup
this stirs up some repressed memories

That was not my intention, no.
If that were the case I’ve had immediately recognized the two stray pixels and resolved to fix them, but at this point I can’t be bothered.

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sorry I just don’t really know the point then

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