Shooting on trees sound bug

This is a small bug but when you shoot a tree you can hear the tree being shot no matter the distance.

Here you can see(or hear):


Not much of a bug, just those specific features of distance effecting sound haven’t been added i don’t think.

better than hit markers
edit: I mean it would be cool if we didn’t have hit markers in hard mode just the sounds

when you shoot trees image


hhaha funni, subskribe for more


But, should you even be notified when you hit a tree with bullet?

Yooooooooooo when did Nelson add the road?


He added it in 4.20.7 or 6

I noticed this with the metal targets on the shooting range, and thought that was the sound for getting head shots. Then I realized shooting any metal object from any distance made that noise. I really like the noise for the metal and would love to hear a different sound for hitting head shots. For example Rising Storm Vietnam has a specific noise for getting head shots and it sounds like your shooting an empty helmet or bucket, very satisfying

I agree I am not to much of a fan of the current hit marker sound on human targets. Would like to maybe see them tweaked a little.

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