Shooting while on horse

Shooting while riding a horse should be possible with secondary weapons, less accurate if the horse is moving.

This would give an advantage to riding on horses, as well as give different purposes to horses than road vehicles.


I would say you should be able to shoot primary weapons on a horse, but not making the controls basic, meaning while you have a gun equipped the horse would simply go forward or stop.

But having secodary weapons and shooting such as pistols would let you switch to turning the horse faster.


Gas powered horse


It’s been shown that you will be able to shoot while driving a vehicles, and considering there will be horses, I think this will probably happen.


Diesel powered horse for heavy loads
Nice :ok_hand:

How about always being able to shoot secondaries on a horse and have an unlockable skill that allows you to use primaries?

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I see this actually being a possibility but the thing is what would happen if they kill your horse

That would probably be good to think about if it hasn’t been mentioned anywhere. I think you should get ejected off of the horse if it gets killed. If you are moving fast enough it should damage or possibly kill you though depending on where you are.

Horses should have way more health than the player though, so if they get shot a bunch of times they will slowly bleed but keep going until you heal them or they bleed to death. they could also get broken bones and have crippled legs which would make them go slower, and stuff like that.


I dont think horses should be added and if theyre gonna take too much time to code, i mean what about the other things such as if you ram into a wall or tree wouldnt that just throw you off not only that but imagine the horse getting killed so … yea

he said he was working on it in devlog #15, im pretty sure they’re confirmed to be in II

Really, Wow ok then nevermind my thing

It would be great if horses actualy avoided running into things. Battlefield 1 did a pretty good job at having horses do this, by turning away from, jumping over, or slowing in front of obstacles, but you couldn’t reliabily tell whether your horse would detect that it can jump over an obstacle or would just slow down to standstill right in front of it.


I’m gonna LS swap my horse

Driving and shootiing :smiley: throving a grenade in to an enemys vehicle while they are driving next to you in a car chase, and boom :smiley:

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