Shortfilm contest results and community judging!

The Judges’ votes have been cast and this is what we came up with! If you scored low, don’t worry, you can still get a trophy from the community vote. Check out all of the entries below!

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The Turned: interesting concept, lingered on shots a bit too long. Questionable cinematography. Honestly it could have been pretty great had it been from the civilian’s perspective, rather than the military. 12.5/30: Good concept, poor execution.

The Initium: lots of effort was put into this such the use of npcs to make the world feel alive and creating custom maps was a very nice touch. Certain scenes, however, are made awkward by the use of npcs, such as the opening and suicide ones where panic is audible but everyone is casually standing around. Clever camera movements and editing could have circumvented this. There were a couple of shots that were really nicely done (such as the manhole → subway one). The film dragged on too long and probably could have had eight minutes of it shaved off. 17.75/30: the creators made due with what they had but it was way too long to carry the story.

Northern-Detachment: Story was hard to follow. Cinematography was extremely poor with most of the film consisting of POV shots. The setting is probably the only thing I found I liked about it. I would honestly rather have watched something about how the team ended up at the hospital. There was nothing really special to be found within this film. 9/30: There probably was something there, it just didn’t get through to the viewer.

BEST OVERALL: Lucky Shot: This film was extremely fun to watch, the opening scene especially. The film was beautifully shot and composited. The action was also very well directed. Though the entry is not without it’s flaws. The story was quite confusing and it almost felt like an afterthought. Despite being Action, Horror, the film barely has any horror elements, aside from a jumpscare by a cow. The film was a solid 24/30.

Honorable Mention: The Last Minute.

This entry was disqualified because it was made before the contest, had it been made for the contest, it likely would have scored high. I recommend you watch it and look at some of the things it does as examples for what to do with your own entries in future competitions, in terms of storytelling.




You just turned a 30 point rating system into a 120 point system.


real challenging that must be


Oh snap, thanks! Although about the horror bit, I just considered “Action, Horror” to be the appropriate category because I think it’s what characterizes a thriller (more or less what I went with here). That means reactions of characters in really tense situations, wide shots suggesting how stranded and doomed they are and even that one part of the bad guy walking past the goggles. I suppose it’s still up to interpretation since I’m guessing you guys had a more traditional concept of horror in mind, but I won’t complain any further since I already got first place lol. Just wanted to explain a little bit.


Also there may or may not be some sort of hidden background story in there somewhere, for anyone curious enough to find the clues and figure it out. It’s about one of the two main characters. :thinking:

I didn’t enter the contest but in May this year I made a crappy shortfilm, the ones I saw in this contest tho, 10/10 veri naice.

those wanting to see the crappy shortfilm:

Darn. I really didn’t do good, apparently. I’m gonna make a (hopefully) better one.

PS: What about Carpat roads?


Pretty sure that was a joke,gave a good laugh tho

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Yeah, I know.

:frowning: my submission vanished. gone, reduced to atoms.

Well, did you still submit the thing you said you submitted before?

I think some people pointed out issues with that one.

Yeah, all of the submissions except for The Turned and The Last Minute are gone.

…reduced to atoms

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So that means they aren’t gone.

But it makes them impossible to use.



none of these have Australian vision

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Yeah, these guys were paid off. Carpat Roads was far better than the competition.