Shotgun chokes

Somethings simple. Just a barrel attachment for shotguns.
They look like these:
And what they do is change the spread of each shot depending on what type of choke is screwed in:


I really like the idea, to have shotgun chokes in 4x i think it even will increase the use of shotguns, i just think


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this combo with idea of modular weapons =D

A duckbill choke as a Ranger spawn would also be cool to see, assuming the Ranger loot table comes back in 4.0.

well since im at school im kinda hindered on trying to not look like a terrorist again so what about (if this exists which it probably doesnt) a choke that increases the spread eh?

The only chokes that substantially increase pellet dispersion are paradox (or rifled) chokes. They would also improve the ballistics of slugs.

Speaking of, we really need slugs as well as interchangeable ammo types for appropriate gauges.

inb4 oversuggested dragon’s breath gimmick


Me: Applies choke to shotgun
Shotgun: Harder…
Me: What?
Shotgun: What?

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