Shotguns rifles pistols and revolvers types and locations

So I had a question what guns would be in what locations say for instance an old 5 round 12 or 20 gauge would be found at a camp site farm or hunting lodge home or behind a cash register at a store. And other types of shot guns like double barrels police 8 round pump action and military semi auto shot guns.

. So semi auto pistols would also be in homes and behind store counters say just a small 9mm or a .45 M1911.Screenshot%20(41)Screenshot%20(42) With revolvers they would also be behind store counters homes both rural and suburban and also farms hunting lodges and camps and they would go all the way from a 22lr to .454 kassul and S&W 500 magnum.Screenshot%20(48)Screenshot%20(49) Rifle types and locations. Bolt action rifles found at camps farms and hunting lodges would be chamberd all the way from 22lr to 30-06 and the ones found at military locations would be chamberd in 7.62x51mm nato. And semi auto rifles found at homes and farms would be chamberd all the way from 22lr to 30-06. And lever action rifles found at the same places as semi auto ones and would be chamberd all the way from 22lr to .50 alaskan. And select fire military rifles would be chamberd in 5.56x45 and 7.62x39. So I would like to here what you think and ways you think you could add and improve on this idea.

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I’m sure the dev would place guns to locations as he sees fit, or rather already figured out where to place them.

Including the gibberish you speak of as ammunition types that would correspond to any compatible gun that spawns there.


this is the worst formatting i’ve seen in my life.

don’t ever come at me again with this bull.


What the fucK is this post like bruh Nelson has a brain obviously he would place guns where they could logically be found


Like in washing machines and radio towers /s

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