Should alcoholic beverages be added?

Summing up a long time ago, there were some posts suggesting the addition of alcoholic beverages, having some anesthetic effect at the expense of dizziness, or giving a heat effect during heavy snowfall, that would be the only use I would tolerate., it would also quench the thirst, I would not really see much use in the same way I am not in favor of adding drugs in the game, for obvious reasons (well, I can tolerate the return of the berries), there are already several children in the game, all right, there is violence and blood, but violence at the cartoon level.


The reason Nelson hasn’t implemented it in 3.0 is because he wants the game to be as accessible as possible and drinkable alcohol would raise the rating. That being said, he is going for a darker aesthetic and tone with II but I still believe it would limit the audience greatly. Mature audiences aren’t likely to pick up a game with block people and young audiences’ parents probably won’t let them play a game with a more mature rating.

That being said, Nelson has gotten slightly around this by implementing fantasy “drugs” in the form of berries. So maybe a fantasy drink could happen.

However, I think the best implementation for alcohol would not be as a novelty drink item that players only use seriously once and then goof off with the rest of the time. There will be other items for that and they won’t screw up the game’s rating.

Alcohol should really be a medical item. Maybe you could apply it to bandages and it would cause your infection level not to drop while you healed. I could also see it being a kind-of sedative if it is drinkable. Maybe there’s an invisible pain scale that affects the damage you take. Being lower health, for example, would have a higher pain score and you would take more damage, but being under the effects of alcohol could make you take less damage by lowering the pain score. Adrenaline would be another item that lowered the pain score.


Do drugs/alcohol add that much to the game besides just setting the tone of it being darker and grittier? Often enough, I feel as though the goal with drugs and alcohol is to just “sell” the realism of a game, which can sometimes be invaluable.

But if we’re just wanting the mechanics we could associate with alcohol, we could probably find other alternatives. As OP implies and Froggo talks quite a bit about: berries could easily fulfill similar roles.

Have there been any in-depth posts regarding alcohol strictly as “a medical item” recently? I’m personally inclined to agree that it makes more sense to suggest medicinal uses than it as a beverage.


The posts about alcohol were more frequent about 1 to 2 years ago, as I said I am also against the addition of things like that, a kind of ‘juice’ from the bagas could fulfill this role, wine is nothing more than juice of fermented grapes, why wouldn’t it be the same with fictitious berries?

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It can still be a mod to the game. Nothing stopping people from making mods.


yes it should be added cause drugs and alcohol make u very cool.

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The dev can just reuse berries as alternative/fantasy narcotics. He can simply add dehydrated berry powder and fermented berries which would have more creative uses than real-life drugs and alcohol. Gameplay wise they are status boosters with drawbacks, while lore-wise they are heavily regulated substances

Not a suggestion to circumvent the problems of adding alcohol/drugs, but rather to branch out one of the original, existing features of the game


That’s a sin ):


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As I suggested before, a kind of juice using berries.

I would’ve suggested berry juices, but then realized that it’s just wine. Medicinal salves likely makes more sense, even if I wouldn’t recommend consuming it like a beverage.


drugs are funny

Well, there is another use for alcohol that I haven’t seen anyone talk about yet: weapons and biofuels!
Alcohol can easily be used to make molotov cokels.
Making biofuel from fruits seems to be quite fanciful, since in real life there are a series of complicated processes that turn sunflower oil into fuel to move even trucks (in the case of biodiesel)…

but I think it would be cool for the game to have the ability to turn these berries into fuels through fermentation.

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I like that idea.its quiet good idea.

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Could be added for RP I guess. I can see this become an actual item though.

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