Should the fire rate of semi automatic weapons be increased?

For a really long time the guns that are locked to semi automatic have just been really underwhelming, i.e
the Swissgewehr, Sportshot, and like all the pistols. I personally think the rate of fire cap that was added a while ago to prevent people from using macros is way too slow, I am usually able to click 2-3 times in between shots, playing like that is really REALLY unsatisfying.
I do however believe that most longer ranged semi autos shouldn’t become faster, they are already pretty powerful in the right hands.

Also before anyone brings up the possible balance issues, we have a gun in the game that can shoot 100 rounds full auto at a target the size of a grape at 200m.


Nelson should worry more about U2 than making trivial changes to 3.0


I’m in the same boat, but I’m assuming that it wouldn’t be that hard to change some values, if it is some deep seeded issue with the game, or is too much of a hassle, id rather Nelson not spend a large amount of time on such a change, however it is evident that he is going back and giving unturned 3.0 updates to keep the game interesting until II is released.


I agree. I really think the fire rate should be as fast as you can click.


Idk what to say, I just agree with you. We need something like in Escape from Tarkov in terms of how semi-automatic guns works.

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Setting the rate of fire for semi auto weapons to 1 definitely helps with this issue (though personally, I recommend being a little choosy with which guns you set to 1 and what ones you set to 2-3).


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