Should there be Glass Plates in Unturned 3.0?


Hey it’s me fish, you know, the guy that used to post random stuff without even thinking, and can make decent memes… That’s me!

I looked at the modding page of 3.0 and i found this cool mod for building, and it was called
(Freeform Glass). It worked in the same way Wood/Metal plates did but they could be transparent, and the three varietys were there too.

Here’s a few examples of what you can make with it

Ocean Veiw

Max Security Prison

I can’t really see any reasons why this would be a bad addition, and it would definitley be useful for builders like me. I’ve actually been thinking about this one occasionally and its somehow became a mod

Heres a poll to see what you think

  • It would be a nice addition
  • It’s ok
  • Probably not

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Check out the mod at :
Oh, one last thing, since i can’t edit the poll after 5 mins tell me if it would be a bit unusual in 3.0 and why (In the comments)


Btw this post took me almost an hour to make…
Well i geuss its better than wasting my time on Youtube
Tbh i kinda do like formatting


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you could just use the editor and move the glass everywhere anywhere


Yea, but its not really meant for it. In the mod you can freely place the glass at any angle you want without the editor. It also folows the Unturned measurements 1m, 2m, 4m.
If your not interested at least check out the mod at


They’ll never notice >:J


Sorry for the necro, but glass plates are in-game now.


;o It… It got added!