Should there be NPCs and Deadzones in older maps?

the three new maps russia, hawaii, and germany all have high loot deadzones. In washington they have the drill but only gives you bio hazard gear and rail gun ammo and rail guns. In pei they only have a very small deadzone in the middle of a farm that does not give you anything. and yukon has the only best deadzone out of the three maps. There should be some sort of new deadzone like a run down military base or a bridge or a town. There should be gasmasks add in to the old maps for the deadzones (of cores). I think this will revive the the old maps and have more people playing on them.
Leave your thoughts below.

sorry for the npcs i forgot to add them in but ill go on I think npcs should be added in because it would revive the maps with a little more stuff to do or have a new gun quest for each map

Those maps are too small to make any kind of quests honestly, having a new deadzone wouldn’t really change anything, the maps are fine. This belongs to 3.x anyways, we don’t know if Nelson is going to do something with the current maps for 4.x

Nelson doesn’t do any work on his old maps even if all of them are too small for deadzones and NPCs.