Should Unturned II move on and have realistic gun names and ammunition? A gun and ammunition concept:



I firmly disagree, Bunker arena is the best arena map to be added to date and should be added back in as soon as possible.


I miss my Gray backpack.


Personally I like the Unturned names, it adds character and uniqueness to the game.


Realism is good when it applies to gameplay depth, i.e chest rigs for reloading, zeroing on guns, but when its realism that doesnt effect gameplay in a meaningful way, such as something that is either trivial and dumb (something crazy like having to go to the bathroom or cough cough genetic disabilities) where it doesnt add to or even subtracts to gameplay is when realism goes bad. Named guns is a kind of realism that doesnt add to gameplay outside of a little immersion, which I would be perfectly fine with, but with licensing existing makes it the very small pros outweight the cons.

If in UII there is an ability to have small client side mods that are restricted to things like flavor text or names of things and basic icons like a UI, this would be great, its not to hard to change a textfile and could easily be seen in like the first 24 hours of a demo with modding tools.


Which is why I’m wondering if it’s possible to have client-side based mods that simply change the name of a weapon for the player in order to circumvent trademarks.


Then again, for an indie game that makes no profit off the gun names, the trademarks will likely not cost money to use, at least 90% of companies won’t care.

And many older/multi-manufacturer guns don’t have licenses. (The AK-47 is an example.)


You are half correct. Although currently the AK-47 isn’t trademarked, Kalashnikov Concern has been actively trying to secure one for the design and name ever since 2014.


So? It’s not trademarked and if it’s been ongoing since 2014, 5 years later I don’t think they can claim it and screw over the hundreds, maybe even thousands of indie games that didn’t pay for the license and will be forced to either pay up or rebrand it.


Actually, as with most laws, trademarks only affect something that is using it after the object in question has been trademarked, meaning that anything using it before the trademark comes into effect is free to use it in their project, but not in any subsequent ones without due permission.


The eaglefire in II is an m4 because it is full auto you smeg.


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Here’s something I ripped off of the most credible source in the world.


there are way too many weapons in the ar-15 family to ever know which one the eaglefire is supposed to represent. so can’t you just stop here?


It’s not hard because there are many, it’s easy because each one has characteristics which define which is which.
The only trouble for me is when people custom-build their ARs, now that is when it’s hard; I wouldn’t say I’m the most experienced in this matter beyond that; I’d just go off the lower receiver to determine the model.
Mil spec doesn’t count, I’m talking about the individual.
There is a difference between the M4 and the AR family, fyi.

There is no excuse for unproclaimed uneducation when you know you’re talking about a subject whose qualities are scholarly.

Yes, yes, yes, of course, it is just a game, not everything has to be accurate, of course, but when you relate and compare it to a real life equivalent, expect ridicule.


when i say ar-15 i mean any rifle that uses a vaguely similar lower receiver to that of the m16, the m4 is just a slight evolution on the m16 design anyway so i don’t see why i can’t call it an ar-15. when i say there are too many to know which one the eaglefire is, i am talking about the hundreds of other variations on the ar-15 design like the c7a2 that the maplestrike is based of.

btw i have no idea what this sentence is supposed to mean


Variations between weapons are differentiated with their respective designations. Gun names are hella weird. Basically, as a general rule, firearms that are subvariants of another design, for example the MP5A3 and the MP5N can both be referred to as an MP5, however firearms that are based off another design, for example the relationship between the AR-15 and the M16 are referred to by their actual names. For example, you wouldn’t call an M16 an AR-10 because although all of these are based on it, they are completely different firearms and are treated accordingly, as one is a battle rifle and one is an assault rifle.


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It puzzles me why you guys didn’t just look at the official source of information - the SDG Wiki.



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I’m just telling you in general how gun names and designation work. How is this petty bullshit?