Should Unturned II move on and have realistic gun names and ammunition? A gun and ammunition concept:



the petty bullshit part wasn’t about you specifically it was more as a collective complaint of this forum where people argue for hours over stuff that the thread wasn’t originally about.
i know how gun names work, im just lazy. and it feels shitty when people try to teach you stuff you already know


Welcome to the Forums, where we argue over trivial matters.


I have and i knew that. But when most people say m4, they mean an m4a1, not the original.


I’m aware of that. I just pinged you to give you closure - you were correct


If you dislike it so much, why are you still here.

Arguing is the point of the fprum, we are trying to find reasons stuff should and shouldn’t be in-game.


oh no don’t mistake me, i love arguing and i have been on this forum for a while now and i love it.
its the type of arguing that derails the original point of a thread that annoys me


Let’s set this once and for all

  • Creative Names
  • Real Life Derivations

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tfw people have an intense argument on your thread and mention drama from other threads


There was a poll regarding names in the past already.

Majority of people have voted for custom names, even the dev agrees. He also foreshadowed realistic ammunition names which was currently seen and implemented in the devlogs.

A large support and confirmation like that is unlikely to change.


not gonna lie with realistic ammo it does feel kinda outta place with custom names


Comrade Nelson agrees?

What about…

Is this possible?

Yes, repetition of a previous comment, but it’s to reinstate discussion on the matter.


Since workshop items are protected from licensing, what if the realistic names could be downloaded from the workshop?


Thats a good point I dont think anyone has touched on that yet


This way the “gun nuts” or people that just want realism can get what they want while the people want a bit of looseness in realism can get the other names.


Well I mean anyone can add anything to the workshop. It’s there for anyone to modify the game the way they wanted


Yes, that is true. As long as you’re not directly making money off the game and not using real brand names, you’ll be fine.

The weapons would need slight name changes anyways.

M16-4 instead of M16A4
AK-47 could possibly stay the same
PDW-90 instead of P90
RASH-556 instead of SCAR-L
Desolate Falcon instead of Desert Eagle


  1. Nelson is Canaidan so it’ll probly base arond Canada nomather were the most Players come from
  2. He dont has to cange anything on the Names they are great and you can call them what erver you like


In my opinion the current names of weapons is great, there is no problem with it. If it was changed to real life names that would just be bland like a lot other survival games. Names like “Maplestrike” or “Eaglefire” makes it memorable and iconic and gives you a chuckle once in a while, there simply wouldn’t be a better naming system then this for unturned.


Also why would he by licensing? He is also a person he has stuff to pay, it’s not like he has tons of money burning a hole in his pocket


If Nelson is heading for alot of details then he should add the real names to the guns but I didnt know you needed a license to give the weapon’s in the game there real name.
But it could get complicated with the names of the weapons because it could be just letters that are sticked together.