Should we as a Community help make the OST for Unturned 4.x?


I think that it could be fun for us to build up the content for 4.0 besides Nelson himself.
I think that it is up to nelson to choose the curated fan-made music for the game. The music can play as death sounds, menu themes, stereo soundtracks or tapes. What do you think?

  • Let us help make the soundtrack in 4.0
  • No, let nelson hire someone to make the OST
  • Let Nelson use “Royalty free Music” for 4.0

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Special Edit: If you want to learn how to make any form of music for free? You can use Soundation because IT’S FREEEEEE!!!


I mean, the curated maps have already equaled in numbers with the official maps, he does look to be in-tune with his creative part of the community and willing to accept content such as weapons and vehicles and other items into the game’s vanilla ID list, so why not ? Of course, he can decide otherwise, but i will not be surprised, if not happy about him letting some people in the community to make soundtracks for Unturned II.
Definitely no Royalty-Free music, BuzzFeed and YouTube life hack videos are already stretching the royalty free aspect thin, we don’t need that in Unturned II.


I’m thinking epic orchestral and choral action, like TSFH.


Legit got chills from the first one. Though, i don’t see how that has anything to do with Unturned


I know,
When Johnny comes marching home is a great song/piece.
I like orchestral music overall.


Yeah. royalty free music (especially from Kevin Macleod) would make it cringey and unplayable. The majority of Roblox games use overused royalty free music btw instead of asking their own community to make the music.


I would like to hear that in the main menu or an encounter from a superior or intimidating entity


Why Nightcore? Isn’t nightcore a cheap and scummy way to make profit? It just makes the original song sound like #### to gullible children. Nice idea by the way.


Nightcore makes everything better.


I think that we should not cherry pick music from anywhere. We should just produce the music ourselves.


My opinion: It makes things worst and decreases the purpose of the original ( Don’t be defensive about it )




“Bear intensifies”


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Here you go.




I think a sound track like that from Far Cry 3 or something from Rainbow 6 Siege or The Division in terms of music genre would work for combat situations.


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