Should we changed vaccine to something else?

It’s nothing worth changing. I know, but it should be changed in my opinion.

So I made a poll for you guys to choose which one should replaced the name “vaccine”

  • Serum.
  • Antidote.
  • Sickaway.
  • Shot.
  • Vaccine is already a good name.
  • Others (w’ comment)

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Quick sidenote

I will be away from the forum to regain my common senses & my sanity back. (I lose it since joining the C.C.C. and even more from making up my mind) so I won’t be around here for quite some time or so.

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Could be renamed, but imo none of the suggestions explain what it does as well as “Vaccine” does. Could just replace the item with something else entirely (for Unturned II).

Maybe “antiserum.” More correct than just “serum” would be. It’d also just be more “realistic,” considering the vaccine in-game as it stands is just an immunity boost.

We’ll (probably) welcome you back with open arms!