Should we spawn with clothes?

Well it is a rather old discussion, but reading a little of the recent devlogs Nelson showed a small interest in changing that, well in the current beta and also in unturned 3 (in online mode at least) we spawn without clothes, completely naked with only one limited storage, well I believe it would make a little sense to change, I believe that spawning with basic clothes even if damaged should be an option, they would give extra small storage but could still be used to make dressings, of course to people who prefer the old style spawning naked, so I believe it should be a configurable option, what do you think? leave your opinion in the comments and vote in the poll.

  • Spawning with clothes.
  • Spawn naked.
  • Being able to spawn with clothes as long as it is an option that can be disabled or activated.

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Make it optional.


If players spawn with clothes, they should spawn with very damaged and torn clothing items. They wouldn’t be worth much, if anything, in scrap and would have similar storage space to the current nude inventory.

Really, the only reason I advocate for this feature is because it makes more sense lore-wise than just having everyone be naked.


Well, I can’t deny that it is a charm and something funny to have a lot of naked people shooting each other.

By the way What happened to your profile picture?

In all honesty, I see no reason to force something like this. With this scenario in particular, I think that the best choice would be to set it as an option, since it will allow server owners to have more control over how players start.
Forcing one or the other would be more inhibiting than helpful.


I say the votes speak for themselves.

Didn’t you already make the same post + poll about this? My response to this will be the same as in it regardless

After all, should players have standard clothes? - Unturned II / U4 Discussion - SDG Forum (


This man may have memory loss, you don’t necessarily know @Yarrrr

Yes, but it was a long time ago, and Nelson had not commented on this at all at the time.

Off topic , oh god I had a stroke reading my own comment , my English level was just so terrible back then.(If edit the comment would the thread came back to the main page? I don’t wat to commit necrophilia or something like that)

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To be honest, i think players should spawn with clothes, and not somekind of damaged clothing item but instead, basic clothing that will vary with the map, since most storage will be provided by backpacks, i dont see any problems with players spawning with a shirt and a pant on an average map, with light clothing on warmer maps or with warm clothes on cold maps. It just feel more logical for me.

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