It’s now or never. Me vs him.


  • Y (Left)
  • M (Right)

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whatever is wrong with this hammer


Never forget the OG Yarr


Who’s the other guy

Edit: say it yarrrr, I saw you typing


I got a strong feeling that the right guy is Molt the always right guy.

Or it could be Mooki. Who knows?


Can confirm, I found this in Molt’s screenshots.


You are one huge nerd baconboy.


Can confirm, found this in my screenshots.


Yarr flaunts his crimson beret more than I ever do my Debugger’s. ;’)


Gentelmen,grab your hammers!


Tss, not recognizing the mighty antlers.


Molton rn:


I just clicked one of the options,i dont know who is who.i mean who is molton and who is yarrrr


You really don’t know? Or are you being sarcastic.

Confidential info

The 2 most well known people on the forum, moderators here and some other places, and ego boosted masters.


I mean,i know who they are,but I didn’t know who each character was :grin:


Left is yarrr, right us molt. I believe.


I never knew his avatar while yarr is all over the place.


I’ll like to see yarr’s pirate crew fight agenst Moltons Imperialistic Empire

ohh wait
nevermind the outcome, we still need a artwork


Would do so, but having an artists version of a mind death.