Showing who voted in polls

When polls show you who voted, do you feel less inclined to vote because you feel like someone is judging you? I’ve never really seen people get specifically mentioned due to their answers in a poll, but I’m curious as to how you guys feel when you see a poll that shows who voted.

On a scale of 1–5, how comfortable are you with polls that show the people who voted? (5 is most comfortable, 1 is least comfortable.)

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For me the only reason to avoid polls that show who voted are in a case that bias can affect the outcome.


That’s fair. I’m sure a lot of people reconsider their vote once they see the majority vote. Probably even more true depending on who has specifically voted (i.e., Nelson).

Might not necessarily cause people to change their vote, but it does give make people second-guess themselves, for better or worse.

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that makes sense… I probably should keep that in mind for future posts. I tend to make them visible because I like seeing who voted what…

I do too! I think it’s interesting to see people’s opinions, especially when some posts just make it really hard to have anything to actually discuss. That, and the longer posts where trying to discuss each point feels insane, and people just prefer to making a short comment (or no comment) and fill out polls.

I don’t think the lack of anonymity is bad, I’m just curious if people sometimes get turned off by it.

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Showing names gives me an idea of what kind of people voted and see if they have the same idea as mine.

But yes it does create bias when seeing certain individuals or majority votes (Regs, lurkers, mods, etc.)

However it does give users before voting a chance to see why others voted according to the replies in case their views are the opposite


Gjennomsnitt: 4.53

Best thing I can think of is not allow people to change their votes, or only do it once. Also, have voters hidden in like, the first couple of hours to prevent changing sides based on who voted.

I’m fine with seeing who voted for what option but I think that it should be hidden until after you vote and your vote can’t be changed once you see it.

I think when you create the poll you should have the option to hide the results (or rathe who voted for what) until the user voted and keep them from changing their vote (maybe add a confirmation step so one does not accidentially vote for the wrong thing).

too lazy to quote deus you can already kind of hide the vote from anyone so it doesn’t show results until they’ve voted or when the poll has been closed.
I think that having the poll set to “Noone can see who voted on it, but can see the results” setting by default would be a good thing, and if you want, you can change the setting for the poll to show who has voted on it or whatever.
Apologies for my horrible explanation. I hope it got the message across lol