In Unturned 4.x, it would be neat to have a system to double tap the A and D keys to perform a “sidestep” or a “dodge”. Doing this would cost energy (maybe 10%), and would allow you to dodge things like melee strikes, zombie swings, Mega Zombie boulders, and also allow your movement to be more unpredictable for those annoying snipers who seem to have 1200 hours using sniper rifles and only sniper rifles. Oh, and double tapping the S key would allow you to jump backwards, and double tapping the W key would allow you to leap forwards.


It seems like sprinting and jumping has a leap or a dive. I do like the idea of of having a long jump backwards. Maybe when you leap (and after a certain distance, or hitting an obstacle like a fence) you ragdoll?

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The bane of parkour


Already going to be in Unturned II, except in the form of sliding and diving.
I dont personally think any more evasion is needed.

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you know what would be cool? Speed swimming. This was in unturned 2.0 but then removed. It looks cool but i know theres some reason it was removed and somebodys gonna reply with that answer.

Dodging would have much greater difference in close ranged combat than at extreme ranges. The difference it makes to a sniper would just be that they would have to adjust their aim a couple of degrees, but in extreme close quarters, may find themselves spinning in circles to keep track of dodge spammers.

Now I need to make a unturned death parkour on my accosiates server.

Back to topic, side dodging and stuff whould be Coolio.

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Perhaps your attacks can have different properties on the moves you made.

i.e Becoming a lunge if performed with the W-W input, or a fading-swipe when back-stepping and so on.

And to prevent spammers maybe every dash costs more energy if done consecutively, the increase can be determined by skill or maybe weight?

Zombie’s attack patterns can be tweaked to fit this mechanics, like being more telegraphed and can do a lunging attack as well that can be dodged.

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I was about suggesting this very same thing on my in-depth post about improved melee, since it’s a feature I’d really like to see in the game to get things more interesting already. I will link to this post though.

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Really like this idea,would add a lot to the realism aspect,because your character will actually have some sort of natural movement.:wink:
BUNNY HOPING MUST BE REMOVED(sorry for the caps) its just stupid and unrealistic!:rage:

Have to google what game it was. Got to say it’s nightmare fuel.

But it’s mechanics are similar to the ones I have had in mind.

I greatly recommend it :+1:

There are many things that other games should learn, including Unturned, from that masterpiece.

oh god that game


It’s pure love and life


I was done with F.E.A.R and Deadspace. It was cold and dark.

Pppffff!!! Seriously?


Do Outlast and then come back.

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I like the idea but the “double tapping” is bad, we need a specific button to dodge because then you’ll might dodge on accident a lot

Actually not; try Cry Of Fear :smiley:

I think that if this is added, it should drain stamina incredibly fast in addition to being rather loud and easy to detect.

Everything needs to be balanced.

well yeah if everything has a pro then it has con. I was sort of the like the legend of zelda swimming where it drains stamina in the water and can only regain when you get on land. And no im not saying we should stamina to actually swim cause then it would be pretty pointless.