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I found a few different features that you can do with the text on signs in game, however I know there are a few other features that can be applied which I’m trying to find.
Here are a few of the text features i know:
<~#ffffff> - changes color with hex code
<~mark> - marks text yellow, <~mark=#ffffff> - marks it according to the color but a solid colour, <~mark=#ffffff/1> Marks it an almost solid color, you can see the text still but barely. (If anyone else knows how to change the opacity correctly please comment.)
<~rotate=1> Rotates the text in degrees
<~i> - italics
<~u> - underlines the text, color affected by <#ffffff> placed before it
<~b> Bold
<~s> Strikes a line through the text
There was also anther one I once saw that allowed you to change the text space but I do not remember how to do so. =P
Some of these do not work when you put them in your name and they are;

Edit: remove the ~ in the text, turns out these text features work here as well.


You might find this helpful: SDG Blog.

Wow, I should have searched a bit more lol. Thank you very much

Unfortunately, the blogpost I’ve linked is a little bit old though, and is missing some newer stuff (like the tag you’ve mentioned). It’d probably make sense to revise it / put out more up-to-date information eventually.

Ill do it, should i just edit this post or create a new one?

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wait you can rotate the player name and colour and other stuff??

Yea, its really cool. It also affects everything after your name. It only works on certain servers that change the text and have death messages and stuff like that, in vanilla it will appear as normal text like this <mark=ff000030>Bocaj7002

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I was referring to an official resource, but you’re more than welcome to create your own as well!

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