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Most maps are located all around the world , and this is a good thing… unfortunaly, a thing i noticed that bothered me was that all signs were wrotes in english . My suggestion would be to write the signs according to the map location . For example, a map located in Spain should have all it’s signs wrote in Spanish. While we would not necessarily be able to read , it would definitely make it more realistic.


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If I recall correctly, Nelson wants to avoid using native languages on important things, such as the name of buildings or locations. If it’s a sign/graffiti that’s generally unimportant then he might go ahead and use the native language.

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Realism for the sake of Realism is bad.


That being said, if a majority of the signs use 2D text instead of 3D models, Nelson could update his system to allow for localizing that kind of stuff and leave it up to modders and custom localizations for the game.


Didn’t the firehouse allow for custom 3d text?


The thing is in different languages words are different lengths so some location or building names might not fit on the space given.

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As far as I’m aware, this text (and the text seen on signs, water towers, etc.) is all 2D.


That’s still not really a reason against letting modders localize text. Plus, there’s automatic font scaling.


It’s not “realism for the sake of realism” if it makes the game feel more immersive and more logical. It doesn’t make the game harder or change gameplay in any way.


realism for the sake of realism

What harm would it do?

It’s jarring. That’s not immersive.

It’s immersion versus intuitiveness. Having the game’s language be inconsistent is not intuitive for players, even if it’s just for notes/buildings. If that kind of text can be localized, then it actively requires a mod for English speakers to understand text in an English game.

Obviously it’s not quite the same as having random items or menu buttons be in different languages, but the immersion does make the game less intuitive.

Plus, we can always just say that the text is all in English because while the player might not speak that country’s primary language (in real life), if our in-game character lives in that country they would be able to understand it. The text being portrayed in English regardless of the map is just a representation of that understanding, at that point.

IMO it’s immersive if both the player and the character can understand what’s going on at the same time. There’s an obvious disconnect in immersion when the player and the in-game character aren’t on the same page about stuff.

Then you have NPCs, which realistically wouldn’t always be English-speaking either. Obviously, NPCs do have a bit more of a direct impact on the player (rather than just being a visual indicator/landmark/identifier), and we could argue that they’d remain localized in English because of that. Now there’s a disconnect in immersion here, because suddenly things aren’t localized the same, and you have to figure out how English NPC dialogue correlates to things that aren’t localized in the same language.

tl;dr: I don’t agree that localized building text is immersive, because there’s situations where the player is going to be actively disconnected from that sense of immersion due to inconsistencies, and it’s less intuitive for the player.


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But yeah, I do agree to the texts being English just to simulate the understanding of the character to the displayed text. Same in For Honor’s campaign, where the faction you play as speak English, but the other factions speak their own language in which we dont understand (no translating subtitles given either).


Imho, location and building names should be in both english and native language. I live in a non english speaking country, yet most of our shops/restaurants etc have stuff written in both native language and english.


Nono, I just mean on a map set in Russia for example, instead of it saying “Hospital” on the hospital building it would say “больница”, etc. Not notes or dialogue or maps, just signs.

And Russian players play the English game of Unturned 3.x with no complaints about the language or signs. The Russian playerbase is far bigger than say, Canada’s.


If there were a localization option that had each official and curated map in a language appropriate to its setting, I’d definitely try it out, but I can appreciate, that this might be problematic to implement as default, because (A.) Nelson is only fluent in a small number of the world’s languages (I only know for sure he’s fluent in one) and (B.) there could be some odd inconsistencies between the way text on signs and buildings, location names, item names and descriptions, vehicle names, HUD elements, notes, NPC dialogue, etc. are handled (especially since some of these would be used on multiple maps)


yes but there’s no harm in making signs stick to foreign language.

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I agree with Molton in full, I was more responding to the idea of “English version should have Native Languages.”

I’d be able to get to used to it signs in foreign languages, but Molt’s right. Having signs in English is just intuitive and hassle-free.

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Because its such a big hassle to replace “Hospital” and “Police station” to a different language…


Nobody said that, unless you count stuff regarding translation accuracy, and I don’t believe ColonelCrossfire saying “hassle-free” meant that either. IMO it’s not about the effort required to do it, it’s about if it makes sense to do it.

When it is about the effort though, there is hassle. Translation accuracy for example is a hassle, although translating only a few words is definitely easier than working with structured sentences.