Simple parkour in Unturned 4.0

What’s about simple parkour in unturned 4.0 like a GTA San Andreas?

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Oh. Hell no !!! Remember, UNTURNED is a Zombie Survival Game , and you have enough building and object in a Unturned Map to climb and do whatever you want ! ( Not like Minecraft … )

Survival oriented but hell no not realistic

Isn’t climbing realistic? Imagine: you trapped by zombie horde near to the fence. What would you do: vault over fence or let zombies eat you while placing planks?


Simple parkour like a climb on fence that’s normal practice.
For example we have Dying Light, and that game is too zombie survival craft game.
Parkour can help when zombies is follow you, or when you fall in fence-box and leave that place without 10 level of acrobatic (when you can just jump so high)
And with simple parkour Nelson can add “real parkour skill” when your animations will be faster.
And yes, some guy told nice idea about skill system:
If you punch zombie you’ll got strength
If you swim you’ll give diving skill
That’s best system and will remove stupid system when you was killed zombie, got 5 exp, and press “up diving skill”
If I have some problems with grammar, tell me(PM, please). I want speak without mistakes

Ahahah, or just jump with your cheat skill to 3 meters :grin::grin::grin:

Parkour that’s casualty option, like a pubg, dying light, etc. Did you see parkour in arms?

There are already posts about parkour, and I believe it is planned that it will be added

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your’e saying simple parkour is unrealistic?

Simple parkour is cool

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