So… I see that Unturned 4.0 is taking quite a sharp turn towards fine details and complicated stats, names and just turning it into a documentary about guns and ammo and so on. Literally, think about it. How much about guns do you know just from video games? I mean… I’m totally fine with a pistol not taking the same as a sniper, but hear me out.

What if we ditched the idea of complicated names such as 5.56 ammo, STANAG mags and so on. Why not just call them made up names? Ammo such as Bonjour clips (all 2.0), Swift, Lebel and so on. I honestly miss the simplicity of 2.0, and I’m really not in love with how complicated UT4 looks.

If we do indeed take a turn in this direction, we will gather a wider playbase, and instead of frightening players with such complication.

It’s a small suggestion, but I do think you should think about it.


Honestly I’m all for the realistic names. STANAG magazine isn’t complicated. The only thing a player would need to know is that it can fit certain rifles. Kind of like the current military/ranger magazines. The ammo being described by caliber would be better than calling it all military, ranger or civilian. It’s just all too generalised.

I don’t think anyone would be frightened of a certain item having a slightly longer name with more description. With the current direction I see 4.0 going, these concepts will be easy to learn. And there’s always a certain sense of pride when learning something new.

You bring up the point of gaining a wider playerbase, but would this actually happen? In all actuality, we may gain an even wider playerbase due to the more realistic features in 4.0.


With how guns is very popular among the internet, I don’t see why even a 12 year old couldn’t memorise the calibres and compatible guns or be scared of it.

By using realistic names means we can get a wider playerbase who understands it and not get fussed over the custom names.

e.g. People complaining that Gun #1 and Gun #2 uses the same ammo even though in RL they don’t, such as the Zubeknakov and the Makarov

Why did you just say the ak by it’s unturned name but call the kryzkarek a Makarov?

  1. 4.0 is officially Unturned II

  2. this seems like a dumb complaint. it’s literally just “i don’t like calling things what they are, it’s too complicated”. sure, for an arcade shooter, whatever. but Unturned is a survival game. it’s all about this sort of figuring out what the fuck you’re even doing.

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I don’t agree with this, since I see as a big flaw that so many survival games sacrificed some realism for the sake of simplicity (Unturned included).

However, I totally also disagree with is highly developing very deep some few aspects of a survival game (such as gunplay, which is one of the few and very first things being built up), letting all other aspects really flawed or under-valued, for saying it in some way.

If I’m going to have to look over +16 different types of gun calibers, then I’d love to see the same or even higher level of variety on the matter of tools, gear, components, machines, vehicles, food, meds, clothing… And basically everything else in the game.

Lebel is no more a made up name than STANAG.

The point of an item description for for reader to learn a bit more about the weapon and do some reading. If the player doesn’t feel like reading about it, then he won’t bother to read about it, simple as that.
For example, I have this document full of weapon descriptions that i am currently working on:

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Bonjour clip is really ridiculous when you are french

What are you talking about, can’t even understand what you said.

he was talking about a simplier ammunition name and when he quoted “bonjour clip” from 2.0 that reminded me a fact…

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You meant the signification of it ?

Personally I just hope we won’t have the situation where we have 20 different calibers for 20 different guns.

I’m hopeing that when I pick up a pistol I won’t have to juggle between five different “civilian” small calibers and despite haveing looted 27 worth of bullets, i only have like four.

Anyone know what I mean?

Like imagine looting a military base and every gun took a different ammo.And effectively you have A assault rifle with 20 ammo, unless you want to haul every gun you found.

Just my little fear.


Yeah, that’s clearly too much. Imagine how you’d have to handle your inventory with such system.

IRL there’s generally only a few common cartridges in an area. Even if there are 20 different cartridges, each map might only have 3 or 4 commonly spawn. More exotic cartridges might occasionally spawn, but most players would just use them as components for crafting the more common ammunition types. If a player absolutely loves some foreign weapon, they should be able to find it and ammunition for it, but the ammo would be rare enough that they would need to craft their own.

For example, a Canadian map might have a lot of .303 British and most players would use that. If you prefer using a weapon chambered in 7.92 Mauser, you could, but the gun would be harder to find, and you would mostly have to craft the ammunition yourself. In a country formerly occupied by the Axis powers, the situation would likely be reversed.

I don’t see 5.56 NATO to be a complicated name, i thought so before i started playing PUBG, but it quickly becomes “five-five-six” and “seven-six-two” and with no more than 5 minutes it becomes like a habit. STANAG is far from being complicated, too. But, i sort of miss the old Bonjour clips and and other made up names, but it started introducing more ammo types and it all became cluttered at one point, not to mention that they have variable rarities and chances to spawn in loot tables, so it made it a bit of a hustle to find bonjour clips specifically. Quick solution is to make all or most bold-action civilian or uncommon rifles with Bonjour clips, if Unturned II is gonna go in this direction. I’m neutral to this, i’ll like to have “five-five-six” ammo or have Bonjour or Galant (Sound like a nice name) ammo, it doesn’t matter to me, as long as they’re not as bad as they were in 2.0, in terms of weapons that are chambered in them and how they fit in the spawn tables.

According to the Unturned II wiki, the Eaglefire (based on the M4A1, which takes 5.56x45mm NATO) takes an ammo called ‘5.56mm’. That’s simple enough, right. Sure, with this system, you’d have an FN FAL taking the same cartridge as an AK-47, or a pistol using the same rounds as a VSS Vintorez (Matamorez), but I think that’s good enough, of course some rounds may need a longer name to avoid the issues stated before.

Having many different calibers will also decrease the amount of gun use, and encourage saving up ammo and using it wisely. Should you use those last few rounds of .50 BMG on those well geared opponents who have been absolutely destroying you, or on some random fresh spawn who installed the game 10 minutes ago?

One small thought, with calibers for the bullets wouldn’t that open the door for us to take bullets OUT of the magazine?

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Already been confirmed, probably soon to be implemented.

That’s kind of the whole point of caliber separation though.

It should be harder to find compatible ammunition for your gun.