Site dying down?

Anyone else feeling that this forum is dying down? Since the start of this forum, it feels like there’s been a steady decline in activity. However, it could just be that at the start of the forum the huge amount of activity was because it was newly released, and this state of activity with around 10-20 comments/posts per day will last for a few years. But if it does keep going at this rate, it could die out in three months or so. I don’t find this likely to happen, since the only other alternatives for unturned discussion are the steam forums, which are the steam forums, and r/unturned, which is barely better than steam at this point. That, or this could be going through a reverse r/unturned scenario- r/unturned created a discord, however, the discord died down because why would you talk there when you could post to r/unturned. This might be going through the reverse, because why would you post here when you could just chat in the unturned discord?

What does everyone else think about this matter?


Nothing really much to discuss about currently, the forumers already posted quite a lot of ideas for 3.0/4.0, website feedback, Workshop content etc. The reason of the current activity might be because Unturned hasn’t been updated in the last few weeks, but I’m sure that everyone still enjoys this forum. I keep reading everyday all the posts, some are very interesting ! For me this forum works fine, I don’t think that Nelson’s intention was to make a new forum with huge traffic but a forum with a ‘‘tiny’’ but present, active, smart community. My opinion.


Sure seems like it.

Wonder if nelson is going to do anything about that.

Do you @Peedeoo7 @anon26840272 really have that feeling about the forum :o ?


Well it depends. The unturned forum has become pretty meme-centered recently, and the steam forums aren’t exactly a top-tier place. However, if this place does stay alive with its small, but active and productive community then I’ll be happy with that.

Well, at least until the updates start coming back. At most I’ll croak until 4.0 starts development.

Until it reaches either (without Lord Nelson’s interference) point it’s gonna be like this.

still, a lot of people don’t know about this forum and as @Oyamat said, pretty much everything to discuss was discussed on the sub or the steam forums and nelson not updating due to his vacation and moving then there isn’t much point to posting here

I think there was a surge at the beginning because I was completely focused on it and it was new. My guess is the majority of activity will be discussions around specific questions I post looking for feedback.


Are you going to use the blog from the SDG website to talk about progress or privilege the forum ? I really liked the ‘‘From Peaks to Germany’’ it shows how the community gives feedback, something I really like about the Unturned players !

I think the Blog is better for organizing posts like that, and it puts less indirect pressure on people to join the Forum “just because.” It’d especially be more useful when it comes to being an archive, also.

The Forum might stay closer to just asking for feedback. Things not already set-in-stone, and probably more minor in importance.

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