Skill gain progression is inconsistent and needs rework

So… the two fast ways to gain skill points is either killing military zombies on full moon or cutting down pine trees with a chainsaw. So we are either melee fighting or cutting trees.

It makes no sense that after spending say…for example…one full day cutting down trees…your character can evolve “Crafting” skills, nor…

After spending a full day swinging a sword, your character can improve skills in “Agriculture”.

I believe skill progression should be based on the performed activity.

So, if you want to become a pro-sniper…you should be shooting for days…and not cutting down trees…

If you want to become a pro-Chef…then you should spend days at the kitchen…not slaying zombies…


This is already confirmed


Yeah, as discussed in previous topics people were hoping for skills to be more on the ‘Training’ type of system rather than the basic XP system, with a little help from books as well.

As mentioned above, that being confirmed in Trello means it will make a guaranteed entry.


Obligatory read :slight_smile:


Yeah, this has been discussed in quite a few topics. Should we make a PSA to not recreate topics that have already been made?

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