Skill System (My Idea)

Skill System:
This topic about the skill system when play skill gradually lose over time if not used frequently on certain actions, I thought it was a good Idea.

But to make things more clear with my opinion, I want the skill system someone posted to be reasonable. First of all

  • I would like the maximum amount to limit the skill. For example, when ppl have 60% out of 100% skill, if not used often, it would be decreased to the maximum amount of 40%, which is a 20% decrease. If the ppl gain to 62%, it would decrease to 42% if not used for a long time

Take a look, I’d say it’s the most comprehensive skill system concept ever devised for Unturned II.


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I wonder if Nelson got it hmmm.
Maybe repost it?

No. Reposting is completely unnecessary and is worse than necroposting. If people want to view the topic again, they are perfectly capable of viewing it through searching and reading. Also, Nelson is quite active in the forums, and I’m sure he’s seen that post by now, considering how comprehensive it is.

Idk, i mean i cant even find this post at all

That doesn’t change the fact that you shouldn’t repost a topic. It’s so much easier if all the replies are in the same exact place for easy reference when discussing things.

maybe click on what GreatHeroJ posted. :thinking:

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