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i remember a few years ago some skins were added to the stockpile and one of them looked kinda cool from the icon so i bought it and i was rly disappointed at how it actually looked on the model. i didnt use it and i think i just traded it a few months later bcus i cant find it in my inventory anymore. this experience still haunts me to this day, so here’s my solution :

  1. add inspect button to all gun skins/single items on the ingame stockpile

  2. add preview of all items inside bundles that u can scroll thru and also click on. then u can inspect, or try them on your character, but it would disappear after u leave the stockpile. this’d be nice for trying out different combinations of cosmetics from different bundles.

  3. mystery boxes would look similar to bundles but u could also click on “contents” and see the mystery box as if you were about to unlock it (i find myself having to google what mystery box contents look like quite often bcus if you dont own the actual box, the only thing you have to work with is the text in the description which isnt rly helpful if i wanna see what the item looks like)

thx for reading.
if u agree, upvote.


upvote 100%


I approve your idea, and I can relate to the problem of high expectations on some skins. Should be added to the game


Very good idea, I’m surprised I didn’t think of it myself.

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I like this idea.

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I thought of this for a suggestion video.


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