If unturned 4.x will be a different game on steam, does that mean we will lose all of our skins for the game? I payed over $100 on unturned skins and losing then would be horrible, no one will buy them after the release of 4.x.

Your skins will stay in the current inventory as 3.0 and 4.0 will be separate games.

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That basically means we lose all of our skins, it’s like saying they all dollars don’t count now and that the new currency is golden coins.

You won’t lose them since you’re still going to have 3.0 in your library as a separate game from 4.0

Yes but 3.x will die with the release of 4.x most likely

What makes you think that ? 3.0 is still going to have a long lifetime.

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Not for long I don’t think at least mostly everybody seems to have no plans regarding 3.x when a new version comes out.

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It will be a different/new game, it won’t replace 3.0 in your library.

Yes I know this but who will play 3.x when 4.x an upgrade better updated and actively being worked on game when 3.x is just an old version.

The people that like to play 3.0 ?

Like what? A1 percent?

Apparently certainly not you.

Doesn’t matter if 3.0 will die. They’re separate games. Get over it.

Also if you spent $100 on cosmetics and you’re complaining about them becoming obsolete I’m surprised you didn’t complain sooner. They were obsolete on purchase.

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You’ve made the choice of making purchases in that version.

It’s like buying DLCs in a game and complaining that you’ve wasted money because a new game in its series came out


If unturned 4.x will be a different game on steam, does that mean we will lose all of our skins for the game?

Its a different game, so yeah.

For the love of God

You skins will stay on 3.x and will never disappear. This is the same for any other sequel of any other game. It is not Nelson’s fault you spent so much money on skins and such, but generally speaking, people will still play Unturned 3.x
The idea of 3.x dying is just your imagination because you, as a human, want something new. But new isn’t always the best choice. So there will still be people playing 3.x
Who knows, maybe people will play both games 3.x and 4.x
Other than that, separate games, separate inventory. Like it or not, that’s just how it goes
You have said that you will lose your skins like 3 times in a row. This is just how it is.

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