Sleeping in single player

It would be a good thing for roleplayeres and would help just escape the full moon, but eh idk about it. You guys say your opinions,there could be alot more things you guys could come up with.

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okay :eyes:

Furniture and interactions with object are more or less confirmed as far as i know, so that at least, means that if anyone wanted to make a mod for this to be possible, he could. Sleeping on beds or sleeping bags seems pretty common for a survival game, so chances are, Nelson has got that already planned.

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How will that work though?
As in every single player needs to be in bed?

In the game mist survival players press number 7
To sleep on the ground

That’s a singleplayer game.

Yea but at night if everybody goes to sleep the night time will skip
If it gets added to unturned 2 multiplayer

Basically, this system will be present in both SP and MP, but really it would only work in SP.

Think of Minecraft, where everyone needs to be in a bed to skip to the next day. It’s far easier to do this when it’s just you, but it can still be done in MP

Man i am blind.

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