Slots on some types of Clothes

Hi, I’ve been playing DayZ for a while, and I know this was one of Nelson’s inspirations to create Unturned, so I came up with a suggestion.
In Dayz you have a space for weapons or objects in your own hands, plus, you have 2 spaces for long weapons on your back.

However, in Unturned II right now, we only have the space in our hands, and I think it would be great to be able to store a weapon on your back, but it still sounds very unrealistic, so I thought that to make this more realistic and balanced, I think there could be a backpack in which you could store the weapon without taking up the space inside the backpack. If this mechanism was implemented, you could add others like, keep a knife in a military boot, keep a canteen in a vest, even keep grenades and all this without occupying the interior space of the clothes, and at the same time giving a visual indicator that the player has these weapons in his body. And it would be completely balanced since the characters have weight, and with this you could regulate the weapons that are carried in the character, because if you had 2 weapons in your back, one in your hands and 3 stored in your inventory, the amount of weight would simply become too slow, or you could set a maximum weight that the game can support, thus avoiding a full tank of weapons.
I hope it’s interesting and that maybe Nelson can read it!


The mechanics for that are already in place, so yeah


nice! :smiley:

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