I would like to see, like, smoke trails from campfires, that people could see, as well as luring roaming zombie hordes (and players looking for a kill) to you. It would add an interesting gameplay aspect, if Nelson makes it so that fires go out 5-15 mins after they’re lit, so the smoke would act as an issue around the campfire, and there would be ways to cover up the smoke.
Also, you could use it as a lure/trap, to lure players to the smoke (where they’d assume a player is) and ambush them, that’d add an interesting PvP aspect as well.


Smoke weed every day.


If a campfire is lit indoors, the smoke should accumulate, eventually causing the player to either cough loudly from smoke inhalation or become short of breath/lose some consciousness/take damage. If the smoke accumulates enough, it could also be pretty thick and visibility restricting.


Also giving players a reason for using an oven!

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It’s actually a stove. I’m also gonna make a topic on furniture soon.

(We all know it’s a stove, but it’s also an Oven!)

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Maybe smoke could come from the exhaust pipes of cars too. Players could choose between using a catalytic converter to decrease smoke or a muffler to decrease the sound.

How about “both”
Players attempt to do it.

(a black hole forms. )

It also comes to my mind that smoke nades should be urgently fixed.

There should be two types of smoke nades:

  • Chromatic: coloured light smoke that spreads mainly upwards, designed for visible signals and marking zones (e.g. comms, airdrops, S.O.S./backup calls, airstrikes, etc. [up to players’ planning or NPC missions]). There may be smoke flares as a civilian variant (less visible and durable than military quality grenades. Maybe craftable versions?)

  • Tactical: dark heavy smoke that spreads widely around thrown nade, designed for providing cover upon firefights and raids (these are SO important IRL as in games like Insurgency). Makeshift variant should be doable.

Following as side suggestions (don’t mind if not added):

  • Tear gas: found at police stations, meant to disperse riots (PvP/human NPC combat usage only, as workaround to flashbangs).

  • Toxic smoke: appears at deadzones or areas filled with dangerous toxic waste.


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