Sneaking in UII

Sneaking in 3 was… Non-existant. It would be cool to see something like a button to sneak in 4. It would also be cool if you would be able to sneak while standing and crouching.

I think that sneaking should make you inaudible but very slow. It might seem like an unfair trade-off but making it audible would kind of ruin the point of sneaking. Unless there would be some prominent ambience sounds then you definitely should make it audible.

And what about jumping?
When walking off small slopes while sneaking the sound should still be inaudible, but when walking off higher slopes it should be as loud as walking. Then walking off a slope as high as a jump should make it loud as a jump.

And here’s another idea, what if you could add a skill-based mechanic to quiet down jumping from high places? A height of a jump would be inaudible when you crouch perfectly as you land, bear in mind it would be very hard to pull off, stuff that is higher than that when walked off, should be as loud as walking, and so on.

I would really like the idea of having skill-based stuff in unturned that would be useful for players in many situations. Sneaking could be very useful in unturned in combat, and in avoiding zombies.

I’d love to hear what you think, but try to keep this place away from a thread of pointless arguments, and keep this place nice!

A sneak button is unnecessary if there’s a crouch/crawl button. A sneak button is a compromise for a stance system. Make crouch very quiet and crawling almost if not completely silent.

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I personally don’t like that simple system. It’s not a big problem for me, i’d just rather have something that could be useful in a PvP situation.

When you’re crouching (in 3.0) and sneaking towards someone, you can still be heard, and therefore rendering it useless, and having to go prone everytime you want to be unheard would be annoying. That is my reasoning behind it

Eh, crouching being totally silent just sounds unbalanced to me.

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How so? Stealth is the primary method of fighting zombies as well as avoiding players in early game, and if you’re like many people who use melee on zombies rather than wasting ammo, sneaking was quite essential.

Going prone makes you completely inaudible, too, so I’m not exactly sure where you got the idea that stealth doesn’t exist.

As for jumping, the sound of your feet landing should be relatively loud. Louder than even sprinting.

You’re right, stealth does exist, but i don’t know if it goes the same in PvP. The “sneak button” is mainly against players.

Yes going prone is inaudible, (but i don’t know how crouch walking is) it’s very slow though and limits your mouse movement or whatever you call it.

You could stand up after you crawl your way behind a player, but a “sneak button” is a way of simplifying things (kind of)

If ambiences would be loud enough to drown out the crouch walking then I’m totally down for how it was in 3.

Oooh shit i hear a guy outside, EVERYONE BE QUIET (everyone throws themself onto the floor)

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Honestly that sounds pretty accurate. Hit the deck, reduce your profile.

I still think there should be walk button for walking slowly

No, this isn’t Skyrim.

And why not???
Btw crawling on the ground is not really quiet

I think stealth in unturned was too easy tbh. If you spam jumped you were inaudible and super fast.If you turned up the sneakybeaky skill you could walk almost inaudibly and completely inaudible while crouch/prone.I feel like proning should be silent when you have low amounts of gear on you.But the more you have the more stuff is gonna rattle which will make a lot of noise
(Look at proning in rainbow 6 since those guys always carry like 10 mags)


@SVG i agree very true

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