Snow trails

so I was watching a video of a guy playing on the beta and in the snow area when he walked through snow it created a trail. that is super cool because you can follow someone if you see their footprints/trail. the only problem is that the trails only last for like 15 seconds. the trails should last a really long time (they stay there until it starts snowing again) and it could start snowing every 45 minutes IRL


Eh, that seems a bit too fixed for weather.

I totally agree with this, but it seems like it would be a pretty big hit on performance.

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then we should have a render distance slider that is specific to foot prints and snow trails. people who want to take the performance hit can increase it to have higher trail visibility

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not really, we’re not exactly simulating snow here, at worst it’s a deformation mesh

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Not exactly.
Things like these are made with parallax mapping.
Parallax mapping is a way of showing 3D geometry on a 2D texture. The engine doesn’t render new polygons (like it would with a 3D geometry), instead, it draws another texture with parallax mapping on it to make it appear 3D. The effect that a setting like will have on performance is really negligible, unless you have tons of trails in the same frame.


Snow trails - Yes

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