So, about config.json


Hello there.

As I have messing around in the files, I’ve came across this file “config.json” in the new carpat’s file.
However, there is this “one” line of coding that makes me curious.



If I’m not wrong, if I were to set this to “true”, this would allowed me to use carpat’s objects.
But what I’m wondering is, as soon as I publish the map I’ve use carpat’s objects, but it’s was after august 30th. (Aka, when carpat’s moved to workshop) and all of the carpat’s file would be removed from the game, including all of the objects. So, I got one question.

If I were to copy carpat’s objects to my map’s bundles file, set a new ID and GUID, and added “Can_Use_Bundles” to my map’s config.json, set it to “true” would it be possible to do so?

Thanks for answering, and please. Don’t witchhunting me for asking such crime.


All you’d have to do is move the bundles to your own map.

Or better yet, don’t, so that people don’t have to download the Carpat objects twice. Have them in a separate folder that you don’t publish with your map. When Carpat goes to the Workshop, set the objects as required.


This might sounds a little bit silly but.

I finds that downloading multiples stuffs to just play one map is rather… unpleasant.
But that’s for me thought, having to download the same object twice wouldn’t be pleasant aswell, if people don’t really minded that then alright.

Wait a minute, how would you set the objects as “required”?
And how would the game knows which of the “mod” would it needs?


In this case I’m recommending this because:

  1. You didn’t make Carpat’s objects, so morally it’s silly to steal them and upload them as your own.
  2. More files = slower loading time + easier errors/conflicts.

On the Workshop page of a mod there’s a “Required Mods” section. Of course, you’d only be able to do this when Carpat actually goes to the Workshop.

When you download a mod, it downloads the whole mod. Timed curated maps just tend to upload the map and the objects separately.